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Lindsay Lohan’s wreck, Justin Bieber’s longevity, Rihanna’s HOT album

25 Feb

Hey people,

Sorry that I haven’t been able to post a new blog lately but things have been hectic these past few months. So since I’m a celeb and pop culture junkie, let me first start off with Lindsay Lohan. What can I say-she’s a wreck. She’s like a broken record that keeps finding her ass back in court again and again. I still remember when she was 11 years old in the re-make movie “Parent Trap”. Oh those were the good ol’ days. It’s so sad to see how successful she became, for it to be lost just as quickly, due to excess partying and drugs. Get it together Lindsay, enough is enough! Now onto Justin Bieber. I’m very proud to say this, but I may be the few people on this earth who is NOT a Beiliber or how ever it’s spelled. He’s Canadian and I’m Canadian too (yay!), but I’m still skeptical in how long his career will last. Though I will sayhe has had some catchy songs and his fans creep me the eff out. Making death threats to any female celebrity who hangs out with him. That’s hardcore. Even though I don’t pay much attention to Justin Bieber news, I’m liking his new hair cut. We can see his forehead now 😀 Okay Jusin talk over. Now onto my favorite Bajan, Rihanna. I got her latest CD “Loud” during Christmas, and I only started listening to it last week. I LOVE IT!!! She did not disappoint her fans. It’s filled with hot, edgy songs that match her firey red hair. Pick it up NOW if you haven’t done so already. Hot, Hot, HOT!!! I usually wouldn’t talk about three different celebrities into one blog but since I was hiatus for a while, I felt that it should be compressed this one time.


Nicki Minaj’s “My Time Now” Documentary

10 Dec

Hey everyone!

So a few days ago, I’m on the computer bored as hell, when I decided “Hey I want to see the Nicki Minaj Documentary!”. See, I’m not a huge Nicki Minaj fan but I like some her songs and I’ve heard nothing but good reviews from this documentary. It’s a bummer that I don’t have the MTV channel, so my only option was to watch it online. Let me tell you, I LOVED it! A LOT. We got to see a in-depth look at the different sides of her multiple personalities (Nicki,Onika, and Roman). It was really great to learn about her childhood, family and how she got into the music industry. I especially loved the crazy, weird side of her, because not only did it make me laugh out loud but it reminded me of myself-just a bit. I recommend anyone to check out this documentary, whether you’re a Nicki fan or not, or even if you’re just curious has to who she is. Check it out:My Time Now Documentary-Nicki Minaj