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Nicki Minaj’s “My Time Now” Documentary

10 Dec

Hey everyone!

So a few days ago, I’m on the computer bored as hell, when I decided “Hey I want to see the Nicki Minaj Documentary!”. See, I’m not a huge Nicki Minaj fan but I like some her songs and I’ve heard nothing but good reviews from this documentary. It’s a bummer that I don’t have the MTV channel, so my only option was to watch it online. Let me tell you, I LOVED it! A LOT. We got to see a in-depth look at the different sides of her multiple personalities (Nicki,Onika, and Roman). It was really great to learn about her childhood, family and how she got into the music industry. I especially loved the crazy, weird side of her, because not only did it make me laugh out loud but it reminded me of myself-just a bit. I recommend anyone to check out this documentary, whether you’re a Nicki fan or not, or even if you’re just curious has to who she is. Check it out:My Time Now Documentary-Nicki Minaj